here's what i loved reading this year

November 2022

why are we so focused on vengeance?

October 2022

When something like Hae’s murder happens – something unimaginable— people tend to abandon what is likely in service of what is possible.

September 2022

Some news! I finally finished my podcast series that I mentioned in the first issue.
Happy friday, friends. There’s a massive black and yellow spider outside of our house that I’ve spent like 18 of the last 24 hours thinking about. Has…

August 2022

My plan was to send out some thoughts on the Atlanta jail, but I got run over my schedule — recorded 7 episodes, my eldest was home sick, and I am now…
A few words on what I hope this newsletter will be

November 2021

this is the unnamed, a newsletter about the criminal legal system, the south, the media, and the future.